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Here you can learn more about our work behind the scenes, in the salons and the offices. We’ll tell you what makes working as a stylist so unique, what you can do with it and how you can set out on your path to success. Simply authentic, informative and entertaining. Enjoy reading and gaining insight into the wonderful world of crafts!

What is hair FOMO?

The grass is always greener on the other side, and the hair of others is always more, less, longer, more voluminous, curlier, smoother than your

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Hair is not nothing

Sometimes you might think everything has already been said about hair.For example, here in this POST.Is that correct? Has anyone talked about everything hair can

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Summer backchat

Everyone loves summer, but the writer of these lines not so much.The summer theme has weaknesses that some people try to sell me as strengths,

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Bubble Braid

Just came from hairstyle research on the Internet.People do amazing things.Hair counting, for example.The one from the shower under #showerhairchallenge.We are said to lose up

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Italy questions

Who has been to Italy?What do you like best? 3,2,1 Rose-colored glasses.That the people there have style and have thought about something before they leave

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Why BASIC CUT 1 &2?

YOUR LEARNING IS HAPPENING NOW! Questions for Hannes… When did you start your first basic training? The official launch was on Easter Tuesday – 06.04.2021.

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