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January has it all.
Just not in terms of sunny days, light hours, account balance, fruit and vegetable palette, time spent outdoors, basic mood, and yes, ease.
The question arises, what can the first month even do, except be an unpromising start. Janus, the two-faced Roman god and namesake of this era, looks back (hello, Darling 2022) and forward to what’s to come.
What that will be, no one knows, but we have learned in recent years to stack the expectations low.

January is a teacher. It shows us how to look at something from opposite sides. Like Janus himself, one thing can show two sides.
January, are you more like 2022 or already 2023? Where we come from is known, where we are going is still unclear.
But looking in more than one direction, on the way through the daily routine that will have been another calendar year in the end, is a good idea.

Words of encouragement at the end:
Hours of light
are increasing again, the darkest time of the year is farther behind than ever before this year, and there is not one warmer season ahead of us, but three.
This perspective may or may not help a bit in making the Season Finale.
Or you can join us and we’ll grumble together about this winter’s long-winded ending.

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