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Children’s hair can be fab*o*lous.
Or do you know anyone else who was bald two years ago and can wear a palm braid now?
Currently, the young population protects their ears from the cold, but let me tell you, under the colorful hoods at the playground a lot is happening.
Well, color jumps in hair are not a big sensation thanks to coloring, but they often occur especially with uncolored small and very small people.

A few months ago still blond, today brown-haired, at their birthday black and 2 years later medium blond.
Hair style refusal is also hair style.
Bangs can also end just above the lips.
You can already come into the world with an undercut. Corkscrew curls like prom but with no enrollment in sight. Top hairdo, but authentic.
When the sun and only the sun conjures up bright strands (after the hoodie time).
Washing hair once a week, not because it’s greasy, but because of bolognese for lunch.
Children live without nervously taking their hair from their face, brushing it behind their ears, without an embarrassing reach to improve their hairstyle.
Without the need for volume. No straightening, no curling iron.

As it comes out of the head, hair is good enough.
Hair is wasted on the young? Let’s learn from the best.
Because where hair comes from, so does attitude.
Can we, the big ones, do the same?
We like to learn from small and smaller at minusplus, children’s hair is welcome in our salons.

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