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Who has been to Italy?
What do you like best? 3,2,1 Rose-colored glasses.
That the people there have style and have thought about something before they leave the house?
That you can throw drink an excellent espresso for little money anywhere? Prosciutto? The sea? Tuscany?
The part where there is sea and Tuscany? That in the restaurant they always ask first what the children at the table want to eat and that the Pasta Pomodoro arrives at the same time as the delicious house wine?

That the language is so musical? That prosecco is served in a wine glass? That there are so many, beautiful Italian songs that you know from somewhere (in doubt always childhood)?
That every town, no matter how small, has remarkable architecture that makes a hick town feel bigger or even sophisticated? That you can go to the restaurant at 22:00? That children are welcome everywhere?

That rows of cypresses are drawn into the landscape like an elegant eyeliner? That it has the best cuisine in the world, where pasta, pizza and ice cream are only one part?
That all first names sound nicer, all alley names, everything? Others have to travel far, for us it is the next best vacation destination.

If you grew up in Austria, a certain nostalgia for Italy is inscribed in your personality.

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