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The craft

As old-fashioned as it may sound, crafts are a crisis-proof and secure way to earn money. The job is creative, communicative and you can work with people. If it’s important to you to be your own boss, you can become self-employed relatively quickly and cheaply (e.g. with a chair rental). You can also work all over the world and travel, work and live in a contemporary way.

Because the craft has golden soil. Currently, many salons are looking for well-trained talents and the job is very stable. If you want, you can start your own business quickly and cheaply and be your own boss (e.g. by renting a chair). And it’s a wonderfully creative job with great people skills.

Our training is designed in such a way that anyone with no previous experience or knowledge can be fit for the salon in the shortest possible time and at low cost and can start cutting hair straight away.

Then you’ve come to the right place. The job is super creative, you work with people in a vibrant environment and you also have the security of knowing that there is a huge skills shortage. So there are jobs and security for well-trained professionals.

Then you are ready for the change. The craft has golden soil and is crisis-proof. The work is creative and you are in constant contact with people. Every day is different and will put a smile on your face.

The school

The school has set itself the goal of inspiring people for the craft of hairdressing and making talented people fit for the salon in the shortest possible time. This means that after only 60 course hours (Fit for Salon Basic) you can already cut and blow-dry hair in a salon of your choice. Through the unique combination of online technical training, mentoring and an exchange within the community, you will also develop a strong self-confidence, confidence in dealing with tools & clients and build an international network of like-minded people. The talent pool also offers the opportunity to find a job in top lifestyle salons.

The two entrepreneurs, coaches and stylists Hannes Trummer and David Rinner form the Online Hair School together with their power team of mentors. The Online Hair School is the training academy of the minusplus Salon Group, which operates upscale lifestyle salons in Austria and has been training top young talents for 15 years. Now the two are offering the unique learning method to external students and entrepreneurs internationally in order to benefit from contemporary learning content, time savings and a personal sense of achievement.

Our motivation is to accompany people in their personal growth and to inspire them for a sustainable craft. We firmly believe that a modern form of training should focus on you and your own needs. To guarantee a good basis for professional success and to strengthen your self-esteem.

Personally, we have had bad experiences with the current training system, or rather, the skills of the applicants are often not fully developed after training. Most of the time you don’t learn much because the trainers don’t have enough time and interest, you are assigned to cleaning and fetching coffee, you are not allowed to touch the customers’ hair and you don’t have the opportunity to practice. The theory units are based on a timetable with no flexibility for the student. And above all, we rely heavily on mentors who you can ask at any time if you get stuck. And then there is a large community that supports and cheers each other on and strengthens the “WE” feeling.

The minusplus Online Hair School has been training young talent in its own salons for over 15 years. As official instructors for the hairdressing profession, we now also pass on our knowledge online and teach you what you really need to know and be able to do to be successful in the salon. Depending on the country-specific trade regulations, the courses can be seen as complete training, basic training or in-depth training.

Depending on the country-specific trade regulations, the training may be complete. However, additional practice hours under supervision in salons and an examination before a commission may be required.

With the basic training (Fit for Salon Basic) you can already work full time in the salon, cutting and blow-drying hair. After an additional 16 months of working under supervision in the salon, you can complete the professional maturity exam. There is also a ‘Fit for Salon Advanced’, as well as other programmes that further educate and coach you. Always with access to the mentor team, community and up to one year unlimited.

Yes, with the procedure described in point 6, if you choose, for example, the ‘Fit for Salon PRO CUT’ complete training (Basic + Advanced), you can be completely fit for the salon in the shortest time (18 weeks = 90 teaching hours) and get started. By the way, with unlimited access to the school for up to one year. This means that you can take the final apprenticeship examination after 20 months (instead of 36 months), i.e. less than 2 years instead of 3 years (please note that there are differences between countries in terms of trade law)*.

The training

Yes, our training is 100% online. Learning progress and exchange with mentors and the community also takes place online via an app.

We have developed a special community & mentor app where learning achievements are uploaded, feedback rounds take place, you can exchange with other students and stay in touch with mentors.

Then you can simply exchange ideas with your colleagues and mentors via our Community App and grow together.

Depending on which training you choose and what type of learner you are. The ‘Fit for Salon PRO CUT’ complete training (Basic + Advanced) takes at least 18 weeks = 90 learning hours. But if you want to practice more often and longer, you can do it for up to a year. Unlimited.

Yes, of course. We train the basis for hairdressing with a contemporary method and it is the same everywhere.

Then you’re ready to finally cut, blow-dry and style hair in the salon with confidence. And if you want to learn more, there are also further courses and various workshops. Some of them with the founders themselves.

Yes, we are already working diligently on it!

In each Journey there are games that act as exams. You also upload your progress to the Community & Mentors App, where it is reviewed by our mentors. You get immediate feedback that helps you grow.

Yes, at the end of the respective training you will receive official certificates from the Online Hair School by minusplus.

Depending on the course content and your level of knowledge and training, there are different focuses. You will definitely learn the craft of hairdressing (motor skills, aesthetics, standards, trends, etc.). You will also grow personally and work with customers more confidently and without fear thanks to the special personality coaching.

Yes, definitely. Because a big part of the training content is personality coaching. You get to know yourself better, become more self-confident and can handle stressful situations well and put your skills into practice. And you also have a mentor who supports you on your learning path.