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Learn to cut hair from home: Your Hair School by minusplus®.

What is the Your Hair School by minusplus®?

Imagine learning to cut hair, in an online course from home. Without mentally cramming dry theory for weeks but practically, with scissors in hand and on real hair. You spend all your time doing things you enjoy and can fully focus on what you’re here for: learning to cut hair, catering to different people’s personalities, and creating their look together. Learning happens.

Who is Your Hair School by minusplus® for?

For those with an interest in hair, fashion and style. Career changers or people with initial experience. At Your Hair School by minusplus® we take a very inclusive approach. No previous experience is necessary. You’ll learn everything along the way, including what to look for when dealing with hair, how to use your body ideally, how to gain confidence, how to express your creativity ideally, how to create shapes and how to strengthen your own conviction at the same time as your skills. Do you count as one of them? Convince yourself with our quiz!

Learn to cut hair without prior knowledge?

Online learning is the word of the day, especially when we spend so much time at home. 2020 was the year of new thinking. Learning to cut hair online, without prior knowledge, without apprenticeship, without previous training, intuitive, motivating and just like in our salon, that’s what we have combined in our project – Your Hair School by minusplus®. We love to learn. In over 15 years of experience and 5 minusplus salons, we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge that we want to pass on!

We firmly believe that the right mindset is half the battle. We believe in you, so you can believe in yourself. We believe that interest is an insanely great force that drives you. Interest becomes inspiration, inspiration becomes motivation, motivation becomes self-confidence. And from inspired self-confidence, creativity blossoms and the most beautiful things emerge.

Learning to cut hair is no longer a huge mountain you have to overcome. In the Online Hair School by minusplus® you learn in small units (microlearning) and short steps, which makes it easier for you to grasp large learning contents and keeps you motivated. Learning happens at your pace and you learn when and where you want. All learning content builds on each other, and continues to develop within the online course.

You are not alone. Share your learning successes and exchange ideas with other course participants. Networking, sharing, and asking questions is a very crucial aspect of learning that builds your empowerment and confidence. So, in summary: Believe, Learn Share.

Imagine that in a few weeks you have learned a completely new skill, you have learned to use your hands in a new way, to handle a new tool, and to deal with a familiar yet new material, hair. You’ve learned that you can do a lot more than you might have first thought. You can ask something of yourself, you can trust yourself.

And yes, there will be hair on the floor in your living room.

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