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Let’s talk about the proverbial Elephants in the room on and say a few things quite clearly:

If you’ve always wanted to be a successful stylist but were afraid you didn’t have the “right” connections or thought you must have been born a natural, it’s not your fault.
If you’ve been convinced until now that you need to take extensive, time-consuming courses to be successful in this craft: That’s not the case either!

And if you thought that you had to make your way to becoming a successful hair stylist all by yourself – that’s not true either.

We are here to tell you that these things no longer matter!

With us you will playfully learn a highly promising attitude to learning. Your anticipation builds from adventure to adventure. This will help you become a super learner. The appropriate method for this is called “Believe. Learn. Share.” and was developed by Hannes Trummer.


What you believe and what you believe in decisively on your learning success.

“Believe” kicks things off. We work in the first Weeks with beliefs. We take care of your beliefs and create alternative sentences as a basis for your learning success.


Scientifically proven learning methods such as micro-learning and evolutionary learning support you step by step on your way.

The content is presented to you in chunks and develops gradually so that as you learn you feel more and more capable and able. This way of learning is highly effective and relaxing at the same time. With our method, you’ll discover the superpower of imitation. Through paper cutting, you playfully learn the basic motor skills for cutting hair.


Your learning success will be much faster faster if you share your results with your in your team from the beginning.

Day by day you become more confident and grow into an independent super learner.

The training, which is
to your learning style.
Easy & at your pace.

The training is divided into different levels of experience to efficiently train both apprentices and experienced hairdressers*.
The levels are divided into individual courses and can be purchased individually or inexpensively as a package. Each course = Journey is divided into simple short learning & practice videos,
individual coaching units and other learning methods . Everything to make you successful. And in addition, a mentor is always there for you.