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There is heat protection for hair, but who protects the people who are under the hair and sweat? Summer is in full swing and everything, including fashion, is a bit like Bananarama.

No land in sight, no Greek island booked. How to facilitate sweating? Destination house driveway: you spend some time not inside, not outside, but in the in-between with the pleasant draft.

Another scenario would be the supermarket, where you hang out a bit in front of the Greek yogurts. Unfortunately, the open refrigerator door is not the solution, but how about visiting a wine cellar? Or a leafy forest, alpine heights? Sea grotto anyone? Under water, perhaps under mineral water along the Vienna thermal line? In archives!

If you want to delve into the subject, visit the Wien Museum on Karlsplatz, there is an exhibition on the cultural history of hairstyles and there is no direct sunlight.

In any case, protect your hair with the Lindengloss Spray from Less is More!

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