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Sometimes you might think everything has already been said about hair.
For example, here in this POST.
Is that correct?

Has anyone talked about everything hair can do?
Meaning, individual hairs?

Individual hairs can bore through textiles, something we would never succeed in doing if we tried it on purpose – perhaps threaded into a needle.
A hair in food has happened to all of us at one time or another, after all, food is prepared by people and many people have hair on their heads.
And yet it has the power to irritate.
Years later, I still think of a hair in a bowl of ramen at a place I’m actually terribly fond of.

A hair in the sink in the bathroom – not worth mentioning, but today we are talking about hair, so, hair in the bathroom sink: ok, hair in the kitchen sink: bad.
Hair on the ground, mostly doesn’t matter. Hair on the ground, gathered, unattractive.
Haair with one “a” too many, also irritating. Hair under the armpits: should please not irritate.
Hair on your teeth: is a saying.
Hair is our business.
The beauty of it is, hair is so much and at the same time just hair, the most normal thing in the world.
And yet, upside down or not, they have a direct impact on our well-being. That’s what we love about our profession.

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