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Everyone loves summer, but the writer of these lines not so much.
The summer theme has weaknesses that some people try to sell me as strengths, for example warm temperatures.
Yes, I also prefer to lie down in a warm bathtub than in a cold one, I am not a drink after all, but: heat hinders.

Standing at the red traffic light under the sun of a big city: not so nice. Packed with swimwear to enter a possible body of water is tedious, so tedious that I often spare myself the hassle and spend the thickest heat of the day in a dark room like a color film in the darkroom.
Because, the idea of summer sounds good: warm, bright, being outside, wearing little.

But what you don’t think about at the end of January is that you’re also working at 40 degrees, about gnats, tick bites and horseflies (!), insect bites that get even bigger in the sun, how sticky sunscreen is, how often you have to reapply it, how little you can really do against heat (against cold you can. Hopefully?), and how dystopian high temperatures feel, also Climate Change is real.

Then I also stepped on a bee instead of a wasp.
Summer would be a better concept if you had 2.5 months off, for example. And yet, at the end of the day, I’m a finished polaroid photo, coming out of the darkness into the light and liking it a bit after all, this summer.

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