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5 things you can learn from home

If everything takes place at home, then mental development must also take place at home: Learning new things is fun. For some it’s in the kitchen, for others it’s working on your fitness, for you it might be patience or nail art or meditating. Being active with my time at home makes me happy and has often saved me from the pull of the sprinkler, also known as the Rabbit Hole.

Here are 5 things you can learn from home:

1) Cooking (with TV!): Binging with Babish

I watched more TV last year than I ever have before. Do you feel the same way? How about learning to recreate famous dishes from TV series now? For example, Monica’s Candy, Fried Chicken like Pollos Hermanos in Breaking Bad, or Turturkeykey like in How I Met Your Mother. The food channel “Binging with Babish” provides instructions on dishes that famous series characters have eaten and is a lot of fun.

2) Nail Art: Betina Goldstein

Painting nails at the office? Not welcome, although it does not take longer than a coffee break. Painting nails in your home office? Easy. A few thin brushes are ordered right away and you don’t need much more equipment besides nail polish. And already you can beautify one of two hands. Good, that remains an activity for the end of the day. Inspiration for minimalist nail art, as we like it, and always little video tutorials that Betina Goldstein, LA manicurist to the stars, has on her Instagram account.

3) Hair cutting: minusplus School of Hairdressing Online.

If you’ve had enough of the algorithm and how it always flushes the same kind of hair tutorial videos to the top, minusplus School is for you. Here you can draw on the in-depth knowledge of Vienna’s top salons, minusplus, in just a few weeks and expand your skills. The video course is much more practice than theory and really goes into depth. You will not only learn how to use the tools of a stylist, but also how to create the right look for your clients. Intuitive and motivating, with real scissors on real hair. A whole new approach.

4) Pilates: Melissa Wood Health

Sports at home is another category of sports. Somehow it just has to go faster, maybe because the fun factor of the joint activity is missing, no team, no competition, no cheering, no ball, no racket, no water, just your own living room and most likely a yoga mat. I have found a workout that I really like, it’s low-impact, good effort, and usually only takes 20 minutes. I can squeeze that in on a lot of days. Melissa Wood didn’t reinvent the wheel, but somehow she did. With her and her calm but very American style, I do elegant, urban Pilates in New York in Vienna.

5) Writing: Flowstate

To learn digitally what is good for your own writing, there are very many options. There are master classes, there are podcasts where famous authors speak, or if it’s more about copywriting, there’s the great Tomorrow Academy offer. But, I have another tip from the heart, an app called Flowstate. It is merciless, and it is radical. Why? You set a timer from 5 to 180 minutes, and start typing in the program. If you interrupt typing for more than 5 seconds, all the text disappears forever. After the time has expired, the text is saved. Copy Paste is disabled from the app. Great for getting into a stream of thought with your writing. For anyone doing morning pages, journaling, or intuitive writing, for example.

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