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Who created it? Today we have a little interview, because what do Hannes and David, the two founders of Your Hair School by minusplus® actually say about living, learning, teaching?

What’s the last thing you learned?

David: I am learning all the time 🙂 Conscious: Systemic Constellations and Piano.

Hannes: To be a meaningful support for my son with his homework.

What’s your favorite thing to do at home?

D: Make music.

H: I love to lay relaxed on my couch and read an exciting book (usually a non-fiction book).

What are you watching on TV?

D: The Voice of Germany.

H: Nothing anymore. Every now and then I pop in a sci-fi series on Netflix, such as Star Trek. I’ve been an avid treki since childhood:)

What are you reading?

D: Mostly non-fiction on learning, love, life, coaching. And poems.

H: Many non-fiction books on coaching, online learning and marketing.

What do you listen to?

D: The new single from Bilderbuch.

H: I’m into audio books. Or I listen to Beirut, Beck, Sufjan Stevens, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Flaming Lips and much more….

Rock, paper or scissors?

D: I look my opponent in the eye and decide intuitively;)

H: Scissors and paper. Why? With them you easily learn the motor skills for hair cutting ✂️.

What would you like to learn next?

D: To express my innermost feelings in my songs.

H: The bridge at yoga …

What does learning mean to you?

D: Life.

H: For me, learning is like breathing. Not to learn is difficult.

Who is your teacher today?

D: Life and my relationships.

H: Our students are our best teachers.

Learning or teaching?

D: Belongs together for me.

H: Both. In our world, you cannot achieve mastery without passing on your knowledge. And not just when you think you have gathered enough knowledge. From the very first lesson, we encourage you to share your knowledge. This is sometimes the best strategy for anchoring what you have learned in your long-term memory.

What inspires you?

D: Interpersonal relationships.

H: At the moment the sentence: ‘I give you my success’.

Work or play ?

D: Play.

H: My work is also play.

What can you learn at Your Hair School by minusplus®?

D: To cut hair in a relaxed, simple and fun way. And the joy of learning. And all this as a by-product;)

H: To cut hair in 45 hours with many like-minded people, while having a relaxed and successful attitude towards learning.

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