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Why BASIC CUT 1, 2 & 3?

YOUR LEARNING IS HAPPENING NOW! Questions for Hannes… When did you start your first basic training? The official launch was on Easter Tuesday – 06.04.2021. In fact, we have been working on the content of our school for 9 years. What is the intention behind BASIC CUT 1,2 & 3? EMPOWERMENT! Everything serves to make […]

Learn to cut hair from home: Your Hair School Online by minusplus®.

Learn to cut hair from home: Your Hair School by minusplus®. What is the Your Hair School by minusplus®? Imagine learning to cut hair, in an online course from home. Without mentally cramming dry theory for weeks but practically, with scissors in hand and on real hair. You spend all your time doing things you […]

5 Things you can learn from home!

5 things you can learn from home If everything takes place at home, then mental development must also take place at home: Learning new things is fun. For some it’s in the kitchen, for others it’s working on your fitness, for you it might be patience or nail art or meditating. Being active with my […]

Have you met David and Hannes?

Who created it? Today we have a little interview, because what do Hannes and David, the two founders of Your Hair School by minusplus® actually say about living, learning, teaching? What’s the last thing you learned? David: I am learning all the time 🙂 Conscious: Systemic Constellations and Piano. Hannes: To be a meaningful support […]