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What is hair FOMO?


The grass is always greener on the other side, and the hair of others is always more, less, longer, more voluminous, curlier, smoother than your own. Let’s call this phenomenon Haar-Fomo (Fomo=Fear of Missing out). The person with the horsehair would rather have curls. The one with more would like less (“Takes hours to dry”, […]

Love is… A summer at home


There is heat protection for hair, but who protects the people who are under the hair and sweat? Summer is in full swing and everything, including fashion, is a bit like Bananarama. No land in sight, no Greek island booked. How to facilitate sweating? Destination house driveway: you spend some time not inside, not outside, […]

Hair is not nothing

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Sometimes you might think everything has already been said about hair.For example, here in this POST.Is that correct? Has anyone talked about everything hair can do?Meaning, individual hairs? Individual hairs can bore through textiles, something we would never succeed in doing if we tried it on purpose – perhaps threaded into a needle.A hair in […]

Summer backchat


Everyone loves summer, but the writer of these lines not so much.The summer theme has weaknesses that some people try to sell me as strengths, for example warm temperatures.Yes, I also prefer to lie down in a warm bathtub than in a cold one, I am not a drink after all, but: heat hinders. Standing […]

Meditation in the inbox…

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The year is now almost halfway through again. Do you remember your resolutions? More of this, something more often, less of that. Somehow not retain anything? Actually, you wanted to meditate, for example, because with regular meditation comes serenity, and serenity is a superpower. Again from the beginning. Actually, you wanted to meditate, for example, […]

I don’t care about the next LIKE!

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Where is the gold from the morning hour?The hair grows.The day started really badly.The hair grows.It finally stays light longer again.The hair grows.I missed the bus.The hair grows.The Christmas tree balls have become chocolate Easter eggs.The hair grows.The hair doesn’t only grow on the head.The hair grows.Whose day is today, it’s not mine.The hair grows. […]

Bubble Braid

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Just came from hairstyle research on the Internet.People do amazing things.Hair counting, for example.The one from the shower under #showerhairchallenge.We are said to lose up to 100 hairs every day.To me, that seems like a bit much. Why?Because I have no idea how many hairs a hundred hairs are.I can imagine a hundred years better […]

Kids hair is the best hair

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Children’s hair can be fab*o*lous.Or do you know anyone else who was bald two years ago and can wear a palm braid now?Currently, the young population protects their ears from the cold, but let me tell you, under the colorful hoods at the playground a lot is happening.Well, color jumps in hair are not a […]

Italy questions

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Who has been to Italy?What do you like best? 3,2,1 Rose-colored glasses.That the people there have style and have thought about something before they leave the house?That you can throw drink an excellent espresso for little money anywhere? Prosciutto? The sea? Tuscany?The part where there is sea and Tuscany? That in the restaurant they always […]

January, you Two-Face of a month.

January has it all.Just not in terms of sunny days, light hours, account balance, fruit and vegetable palette, time spent outdoors, basic mood, and yes, ease.The question arises, what can the first month even do, except be an unpromising start. Janus, the two-faced Roman god and namesake of this era, looks back (hello, Darling 2022) […]